New Year's Eve Party

Published : 21/12/2008 14:03:34
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Looking for a great way to celebrate your New Year's Eve party that your guests will find unique? While your thoughts may be consumed by Christmas right now, you will want to get your New Year's invitations out now before any of your friends plan their own parties, potentially splitting the guest list. This also helps parents out who need to book babysitters for their children early, before all the child minders are booked. If you are looking for a great theme before you send out your New Year's invitations, you may want to consider holding a wine tasting party. On your invitations you can invite each of your friends and ask them to bring a bottle of wine with the labeled disguised or peeled off. Add that there will be prizes at the party for the best wine, and the worst encouraging them to be clever with their purchases. Your job will be to decorate for the New Year's Eve party with streamers and other such party supplies and to purchase some items for the party buffet such as crackers, cheese, crisps, and fruit. Also, remember that since it's New Year's Eve you'll want to supply champagne for when the clock strikes midnight, so make sure you have enough champagne flutes for all of your guests. Once all your guests arrive for the new Year's Eve party , you can set out sheets and place the wines in a numbered order. Each guest can sample the wines and then give them a ranking on a scrap of paper and place them in a basket, or if you want to get creative, a wine glass in front of the bottle. It's up to you when you want to tally the results, but at some point, you can announce the winner and offer up the prizes for first and last place. A great prize for first place is a certificate for a wine bar or a nice bottle of wine. For last place, well how about a bottle of Blue Nunn. As for when the clock strikes midnight, simply make sure all your wine tasting party guests have full glasses and get ready to toast in the New Year!

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