Nintendo Party and Nintendo Wii

Published : 05/03/2009 14:31:09
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Ever since the Nintendo Company released the very first in home game console, Nintendo has been a household name that most everyone has at least played once in their lives. The Mario Bro's have become the most recognized character in the world, and rightly so with several games covering several platforms. They have done everything, from saving the world, and therefore gotten the girl, to being racing car drivers, played wild games of golf, baseball, and football and had many other adventures. But perhaps the most popular adventure that the brothers have taken on lately is a multi-player, platform crossing brawl. Super Smash Brothers Brawl has become an extremely popular game, one of the best selling games for the new Nintendo Wii platform, and is certainly a good reason for or a Nintendo Party.

The game plays with up to four players at a time so while the tournament ensues, it would be a good idea to have other activities planned. There are several Nintendo and Sega characters, as well as familiar TV show characters for your guests to dress up as. Doing face makeup to look like the characters is a great way to spend your time. You can even have a costume contest with great party bags for prizes.

Another great idea for your Nintendo Party is to get a custom made specialty cake in the shape of the system that brought it all to you, a Nintendo entertainment system, or the Wii itself. Complete the look with attached controllers and you'll really want to play with your food.

There are so many characters included in Smash brothers that almost anyone will be able to play a favourite of theirs. Even for those that have never played before; they will be able to have a great time watching the others as they smash their way through the competition. Just make sure that you have a great prize set up for your Nintendo Party winner.

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