No Fun at a Weight Watchers Party

Published : 09/03/2009 19:03:33
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Is there anything that sounds less fun than a Weight Watchers Party? Think about it. I have been to cigar parties where we sit around in comfortable chairs and smoke cigars. I have been to wine tasting parties and tequila tasting parties where we drink wine and tequila. What would you do at a Weight Watchers Party? I'll bet it does not involve sitting around in comfortable chairs with cigars, wine, or tequila.

A very dear friend of mine lost the equivalent of a whole other person through Weight Watchers. She continues to follow the program in maintenance mode. She has had so much success with the program that she has served to inspire others over the years. She has decided to start hosting periodic get-together's at her house so that her friends and acquaintances that have interest in the program can learn more about it in an environment where they feel safe. I think that means an environment that does not have biscuits, pies, and ice cream.   I think this is a great idea for a party, and I support her in her efforts to help others. However, I am still a sarcastic person who sees a lot of opportunity to make bad jokes. I still can't shake the idea that this is not a lot of fun. What do they do, spell out your weight with big number balloons? Or is it like a big Oprah Winfrey show where everyone gets to share their feelings? Ultimately, at the end of the day, if it helps people be healthier and feel better about themselves then it will be time well spent. Kudos to my friend for pulling this weight watchers party together, personally, I would still rather have a cigar and a glass of wine, along with a few shots of tequila.

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