Not that kind of Bridge Party!

Published : 23/02/2009 07:30:37
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

I was stunned when my son told me he was considering holding a bridge party. He is eight years old, and I have never seen him play bridge in my life. What kind of bridge party could he possibly have? Who was he planning to invite ? His football team? What was this kid thinking about?

I started to ask questions, and the poor boy just stared at me as if I was off my rocker. "Dad," he said, "we are not playing cards. This is a bridge party. You know, bridges. We are going to make some bridges for my train game".   When he was two and a half, his sister was born. As a gift to him, one of his aunts bought a Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train. His collection has since grown and taken over a section of our family room. He refers to the table, the trains, cars, track, and accessories collectively as his train game. He has had Thomas birthday parties, and still has his Thomas birthday banner from his grandfather hanging on a wall above his train game.

As he has grown up, he plays with the train game less and less. He still loves trains, but the shine is wearing off of Thomas. He does like to make new accessories, like tunnels and bridges. And that is what he meant by a bridge party. He wanted us, as a family, to dedicate a couple of hours over the weekend to helping him build a bridge for his train game. He saw a real train bridge on television that he really liked, and wanted to try to make a model of it.

I thought this was a great idea, and really got a laugh out of what I thought he meant by having a bridge party.

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