Nutcracker Party

Published : 04/02/2009 07:40:11
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My five year old daughter is a member of the Brownies, or rather to be more accurate, the Rainbows. One of the girl's in her group also takes ballet classes. The school where this girl studies ballet has students from four years old to twenty years old. This past Christmas, the school put on a production of The Nutcracker. The rest of the Rainbows were given free tickets to the event, and were told to bring their families. Of course, when told that he would have to go and watch his sister's friend dance around, my eight year old son was completely opposed to the idea. He complied, and made it through the show.

The girls loved the ballet so much that they decided to throw a Nutcracker party. They would dress up as different characters from the ballet. Little girls came to the party dressed as mice and snow angels, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic dancers. The leaders must have planned this out ahead of time, to make sure that every party attendee did not come as a Sugar Plum Fairy.

My son, the boy who hated the idea of going to the ballet in the first place, somehow weaselled his way into this party. He came dressed as Herr Drosselmeyer, complete with a cape and patch over his eye, and gave toys to the girls. As a side note, I think I have to keep my eye on this one as he gets older.

They had sugar plums as a snack, and the ballet dancer taught the rest of the girls a few basic steps. Even my son got into the act, although I think he just liked twirling his cape around like Batman. In any case, I made sure to remind him that had he not gone to the performance in the first place, that he would have never have had this much fun – he declined my offer to put together a Nutcracker party for him and his friend's – can't imagine why.


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