Order a Pizza for your Childrens Party

Published : 19/04/2009 15:44:26
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

O.K it may not sound very exciting, but ordering Pizza for a childrens party is actually quite a sensible move. Think about the last party you did. How much change did you get from £60 once you'd bought the drinks, bread, sandwich fillers, crisps cakes etc. Agreed, that generally you can save money by doing your own catering and if you've large numbers to feed then probably this is the best way to go. If on the other hand your childrens party gust list includes maybe just 10 or 12 kids then this option is seriously worth considering.Many Pizza take way outlets offer great deals mid week, Monday to Wednesday and some times Thursday too. Look for the combo's, these are ideal for a childrens party and you usually get a tremendous variety of options to pick from. You can usually get at least 2 decent sized pizza's, a starter , ice cream and a large bottle of drink for around £20. If you consider that you would spend at least that, at a well known burger chain and lots more if the children are older than 7 or 8 when happy meals start to look a bit sparce, Pizza starts to look like a very attractive option for a childrens party. Hungry teenagers may not immediately spring to mind when start to talk about food options for a childrens party. None the less this age group will probably be your most great full recipients. Whilst you may not need to worry about organizing party bags for this lot, you'll need to make sure that you don't go short in the food steaks. Greek salads, thin and crispy vegetarian pizzas and mineral water makes a good option for health conscious teenagers whilst 15 inch deep pans are ideal for those with bottomless pits.Add in a cake, a few party supplies to decorate with and serve pizza for a really good yet cost effective childrens party.

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