Ordination Party

Published : 07/03/2009 20:01:54
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My wife comes from a herd of brothers and sisters. Most of them are older than her, and most have children. So in addition to having a herd of brother and sister in laws, I also have a herd of nieces and nephews that range in age from thirty seven to three years old. It's quite a spread. With so many people that diversity in ages results in a diversity of professions. As an example, one of my nephews recently became a priest.

I did not make the trip, but my wife and several of her sisters went to New York to witness his ordination, and later to celebrate with an ordination party. I supported her decision to go, and figured it would be a great chance to spend some extra time with my kids. I had to know, though, what goes on at an ordination party? Are there hip party supplies, loud music and charged glasses to toast the new priest?

It turns out that an ordination party is a lot like other parties that we have attended, only with more guys in black with white collars. And, more praying. They had food, drinks, and gifts - booze was scarce to say the least - so no actually, probably nothing like the parties we attend then. One gift was a chalice that had belonged to my nephew's great uncle, the last priest in the family. They had a cake, too, because as my son once pointed out, you can't have a party without cake. This cake looked a lot like a first communion cake and had a frosting drawing of Father Nephew’s chalice on top.   We just found out that another nephew is considering becoming a priest also. That's just fine, and we won't have to travel to New York for his ordination. He is staying with an order in Lima, Peru. I can only imagine the fun we are going to have taking the kids to South America. Hide the guinea pigs, we are on the way.

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