Organise a Kid's Party at the Cinema - at Home!

Published : 24/11/2008 15:47:07
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You have heard the promises a thousand times this week, "We'll be good! We promise!" Your children have sworn an oath worthy of a knight's fealty. "Can we have the party at the cinema? Just this once? Pleeeeease?" As a parent, you know how difficult it is to manage a large group of 6-year-old's at the movies. You are nearly out of breath just thinking about hosting a kid’s party there. You say to yourself, "There has to be another way..."

It dawns on you - of course! Bring the cinema to the party, and organise it here at home! You already know that scene setters and room rolls are a perfect way to create the experience of being at the cinema. In fact, you can create a kid’s party with more than one movie theme.   Your son is such a big fan of Disney Cars. Why not have a Cars movie on DVD, and decorate the room with a Cars Desert room roll as a colourful backdrop. Add a Cars Happy Birthday Scene Setter and Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson can be right there on the wall. Use themed banners and streamers to decorate the ceilings and doorways. The kids will love some fun packed Cars filled party bags to take home, and why not go all out and order a Cars Lightning McQueen cake or maybe a Mercedes cake with a personalized number plate on the back!   Your daughter has no interest in cars. She talks non-stop with her friends about a High School Musical Party. Set up a second room in the home with a starry night room setter. Add red and blue pom poms and glow bracelets, bowls of popcorn and mini tubs of ice cream to devour. Complete with filled High School Musical party bags and her friends will think you are the best mum in the world!

At the end of the day, you have managed to keep the kids safe at home. You have organised one of the best kid’s parties they have ever had and they have crowned you with the title “Best Mum”. Can it get much better than that!

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