Organize a Swimming party for your child's next birthday

Published : 09/04/2009 06:22:23
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

A swimming party is a great option for a low-key, enjoyable and cost-effective children's birthday celebration. Don't be put off by the thought of too many rules and regulations, or having to rope in friends and family to supervise; most leisure centres and water parks will now provide a comprehensive service that includes organisation, instruction and supervision. Needless to say, a swimming party is not a great idea for natural landlubbers, or littler children who are still wary of water, so consider your guest list carefully.

Once you're sure that a swimming party is the right option, start phoning round local leisure centres to check rates and limits on numbers. Chat to other parents; swimming parties are very popular and you're sure to find someone else who's organised something similar recently. Invitations themed along the lines of underwater treasure, pirates and sea monsters are sure to be a hit. And childrens party supplies are easy to find online, but check that your chosen venue is happy for you to bring in party accessories; you don't want to turn up with an inflatable crocodile that won't be allowed past reception!

Despite the somewhat non-traditional format of a swimming party, many children will still expect party bags. If your venue can't provide them then think about putting together a few items such as a swimming cap or pair of goggles, a rubber duck and a couple of 50p pieces for the obligatory post-swim trip to the vending machine; the perfect swimming party souvenir!

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