Organizing your list for a Kid's Birthday Party

Published : 14/01/2009 14:03:39
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Kid's birthday parties can be the most fun to plan. Usually, a kid's birthday party is very easy to put on because there is typically an over abundance of birthday party supplies to choose from. The hardest part about a kid's birthday is turning away so many supplies and picking the ones that will best go with the theme. It's very easy to go over board and break your budget when hosting a childrens party. 

The first order of organizing your birthday party is to make yourself a list, then start with the essentials. This would include the plates, napkins, hats, forks, spoons, etc. Try to avoid knives, especially if the kid's are younger than 3. Although they are plastic , they can still cause harm in little hands.   After you've got all the basics together, sort out some decorations. A good way to start is to select items that will be placed on tables such as centre pieces. You will need an idea of how many tables you will be having and its always fun to put balloons on your tables for the kids to look at and play with later on.

Next, you will want to purchase hanging decorations, banners streamers etc. You might also want to consider a pinata, as kid's love these party games. The way they work is this: You fill them with sweets, toys and even confetti if you can stand the mess. Hang the pinata and let the kids whack it with a stick or pinata basher. After so many hits, it will break open and the contents will fly out everywhere. The kid's then run for the sweets and fillers and collect as much as possible.

Now add the party food and a cake to your "things to get" list and complete your plans in full. Of course the one thing I nearly forgot and lets face it who doesn't, the party bags, filled and ready to go – the finale to your kid's birthday party extravaganza. Well done - you survived.

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