Oscar night party

Published : 06/03/2009 19:57:16
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My friends and I have always been movie enthusiasts, and what better night to celebrate a love for films than a huge award ceremony? Well, we like to watch the real thing then record it and have our own Oscar Night Party on a re play.

Even though the biggest event of the night is just sitting down to watch the awards, we've always been able to spice it up with award give-away's of our own. Make up your own categories like "best reaction to an unexpected winner" award. Bring out the drama queens in your own living room and you'll laugh as the onscreen winners cry. We've also given out awards for "best impersonation of a celebrity" or "best look alike".   If you need to get up and move around, there are some really great looking pinatas, an award statue or a movie camera pinata, to get out some of the aggression of your choices not being picked. A pinata stuffer idea is £1 gift cards for the cinema so that your guests can check out the movies that won, or if you need something a little cheaper then simply fill with party bag fillers.

Decorate with Hollywood decorations and party supplies like balloons and scene setters. Use star string decorations and lights camera action cutouts for an embellished Oscar Night Party effect.   Food and drink complete every Oscar night party. Try making themed foods like "Fried Green Tomatoes" or any other food that you think about when you think of movies. Maybe even plan an award for "best movie to food adaptation." When it comes to the best party of the year, the award will go to you. And trust me, you'll love it, you'll really love it.

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