Pamper Your Pooch - It's Love Your Pet Day

Published : 20/02/2012 09:00:20
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Browse our shop for pet and animal themed party productsAs a nation we love our pets, and with nearly 30 million pets in the country, that's a lot of fur, feathers and scales! In fact almost half of all households in the UK are home to one feathered, furry or scaly companion.

Interestingly over 60% of single people have purchased a pet for companionship, with around 40% of those obtaining their pet to replace their partner. All of which makes it especially appropriate that today, February 20th, is 'Love Your Pet Day' ( Yes, today is the day you can go all out to pamper your pooch, fuss your feline, love your lizard and treat your tortoise. Pets are often great for families, with children learning how to look after and care for animals, learning about how they behave, how they live, and sadly, about why we must treasure the time they have with us as all too often it's briefer than we would wish.

Perhaps it's not surprising then that a great many children enjoy having pet themed parties, centering around anything from dogs to horses. In fact our doggy and pony themed children's birthday party decorations and tableware remain one of the most popular choices, and with our range continuing to expand, there's to choose from than ever. From dogs party tablecovers to spiky farm animals ideal for putting in party gift bags, and from farm animal latex balloons to a pony piñata, pet and animal themed parties are always great fun.

Of course, if you're one of those hopelessly obsessed pet owners who throws a party for your pet's birthday, perhaps you might want to decorate their hutch, bed, run or tank with our animal themed decorations? Just don't give your cat a dog party plate, and if you have frogs, then bashing the heck out of a frog piñata might well cause them some psychological trauma. Go on, give your pet a hug! They're not just one in a million - they're one in 30 million!

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