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Published : 04/03/2009 18:45:47
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

My sister in law loves to cook and throw parties, entertain, decorate with unusual party supplies and decorations and altogether put on a show and culinary extravaganza to behold. She also loves gadgets. As you might expect, these together can become a powerful combination. The nine hundred pound gorilla in the cooking gadget market is Pampered Chef. You can buy their products from their catalogue, or from their web site. They also encourage product enthusiasts to throw a party for their friends, and take orders at the party. Now that is a powerful combination-my sister in law, products she loves, and throwing a party for her sisters. Good for Pampered Chef, not so good for my bank account.

My wife got an invitation to this event, of course. She gets invited to all of these-candle party events, bra parties, hand woven basket parties. Why? First because she is fun to be around and have at parties, and second because she always orders something. Always.

We had a little conversation about this ahead of time. It would not be socially acceptable to attend her sister's party without buying something. It would also not be fiscally responsible to attend her sister's party and buy everything. We had to figure out a happy middle ground. We did come to an agreement about what a proper range of spending would be.

An interesting twist on Pampered Chef, which I had not heard about from other parties my wife attended, was that my sister in law had products on hand for immediate purchase, rather than for order only. My wife took advantage of this and purchased a wine bottle opener on the spot. We had a box of plastic wine glasses on the table from an earlier project, so I grabbed two, and a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, this gadget must truly be for professionals, as I still to this day cannot figure out how to use it to remove a cork - just give me a beer instead and pass me the bill.

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