Paper Napkin Folding - The Diamond Fold

Published : 12/09/2011 23:21:45
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This is a delightfully pretty way of folding napkins, and although it looks very ornate it's actually incredibly simple to do. Once you've tried it you'll be able to not only remember how to do it very easily but you'll be able to whip up a diamond fold napkin in seconds. This is also one of those napkin folds that can be done with almost any material. For some rather fiddly folds it's helpful to have cotton or silk napkins, but this diamond fold works just as well with polyester napkins, and it will even make a paper serviette look prettier!

Step 1

Lay the napkin out in a square with one straight edge nearest to you. Make sure the napkin is laid out with the open seam side up.

Step 2

Fold the napkin in half by bringing the edge furthest from you across to the edge nearest you, so that the fold is furthest away from you.

Step 3

Fold the napkin in half again by bringing the left edge across to the right. All four open corners should be on your right and nearest to you, with the folded corner, which is actually the middle of the napkin, to your top left.

Step 4

Pick up the topmost corner and fold it diagonally across to the top left corner.

Step 5

Take the next corner from the bottom right and fold it diagonally towards the top left like the first corner, but stop a little short.

Step 6

Take the third corner and do the same, folding it up towards the top left, but not as far as the second corner.

Step 7

Take the fourth and final corner and fold it up like the first three, again staggering the folds as in the picture below.

Step 8

Finally tuck both the bottom left and top right corners back behind the napkin to create a diagonal shape like the one in the picture. And that's all there is to it! It really looks very pretty and so much nicer than simply leaving a napkin folded in a plain triangle or stuffed into a wine glass. This diamond fold napkin can easily be placed on a plate, or tucked into a glass if you prefer.  

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