Paris Party

Published : 01/03/2009 07:00:00
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What do you think of when you think of Paris? Don't give yourself any credit if your first response is the Eiffel Tower. One point if you think of the Arc de Triomphe or Notre Dame Cathedral, they are good for a point each. The Louvre? That's good for a couple of points.   Why would you even consider scoring points based on your knowledge of Paris?

Well, if you were planning on attending a dinner party with my brother and sister in law, you might want to come prepared. They spent a week in Las Vegas, and got to experience firsthand the Vegas interpretation of New York, Venice, and Paris. Apparently this did not sit well with them, because the objective of their dinner party seemed to be to rebuke the Vegas Paris.

To make their point, they served Coq au Vin, and asked us to discuss our favourite works in the Louvre. Our kids were not terribly interested in either the meal or the artwork. My eight year old son was able to join into the conversation and describe how we reenacted the storming of the Bastille at another party earlier this year. "We freed the prisoners and Dad stole the wine," was his final summary of the events of that evening. To make matters worse, my wife offered to play "Au Clair de la Lune" on a toy crystal flute. Neither my wife nor my son did much to make our hosts feel any better.

I can certainly appreciate some degree of surprise at trying to present Paris in Las Vegas, but after all it is Las Vegas. The place is not designed around authenticity. Who throws a dinner party for their family so they can sit around and complain about Vegas? Just be prepared, in case they invite you!

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