Party Bags for Boys

Published : 19/01/2009 12:22:35
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Are you throwing a birthday party for your son? You're all set with decorations and a cake. What else could you possibly need? How about party bags for boys?

The first question when considering party bags for boys is, are the party attendees all boys? If not, then a generic party bag suitable for either gender may be in order. If you are sure that your guests are all boys, the next question to address is age. How old are the kids? Eight year old boys will not be interested in toys for two year old boys (with the possible exception of Thomas the Tank Engine toys-my son still loves them). Toys for an eight year old boy can be choking hazards for a two year old boy. When planning your party bag, the age of the party attendees is a critical consideration.

The second consideration for me is the size of the party. My eight year old son often attends birthday parties for his football teammates. That's a lot more party bags for boys than if he was going to a party hosted by one of his cousins that are around his age. The number of bags to be assembled is a driver of the total price.  I like to determine how much I am willing to spend on party bags , and then figure out how many I'll need. This tells me roughly what I can spend on each bag.

My third consideration is the theme of the party. If I'm throwing a party for my son, the theme is something he's going to like. While we've joked about a Bratz birthday party, we've never actually thrown one. The point is, the party bags have to match the theme, or at the very least I guess be suitable for boys!

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