Party Bags for the Summer

Published : 07/03/2009 13:23:09
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Christmas has passed us. We have entered a new year. The days are starting to get longer. Before we know it, summer will be here. While that is an encouraging thought in the dead of winter, summer brings its own challenges. Most importantly, what can you put in party bags for summer?

Summer means outdoor play. Kids can run free, without much worry about the damage they can do to the inside of your home. This also means that you can select different party bag fillers that you might not otherwise choose during the winter months. My favourite summer bag filler is bubbles. I think they are fun. Kids can blow bubbles at each other and not worry about poking an eye out. Since they are outside, I also do not have to worry about soap film all over my furniture, walls, and floors.

Another great thing about bubbles is that you can buy them in an assortment of colours. This is especially important if you have to plan party bags based on gender. My daughter will put stickers on the bottles to better make them match the theme of the party.

I am also much more inclined to use gum and other sticky sweets in summer party bags. My thought is that if the kids are outside and they drop a sweet, or step on a piece of gum, it does not get tracked all through my house. Besides, the ants need to eat too.

What else will I put in party bags for the summer? How about those long tubes filled with sherbet? I would not want them spilled on my floor, but in the grass? No problem. And those water guns that the kids can squirt each other with I’ll include those too, as long as the kids are outside. As my five year old daughter frequently points out, it is never too early to start planning her summer party.

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