Party Bags for Winter Birthdays

Published : 30/01/2009 18:35:52
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

We've just made it through Christmas and New Year's, and are faced with planning more parties in January and February. While I may be partied out, apparently the kids are not. I will not be hosting a party for a few more months, but one of the parents on my son's football team was soliciting advice on what to do for his daughter's party in late January. Specifically, he was concerned about what to put in party bags for the winter birthdays.

My first response was that, for our summer parties I am open to an entirely different set of party bag fillers than in the winter. In the winter, the party is inside. The kids are inside. The party bags may be opened inside, and the fillers have to be inside-friendly. This means fewer sticky sweets that can be stepped on and ground into the floor. It also means fewer sweets that can be easily spilled, or that can stain furniture. I don't mind these types of fillers in the summer because kids can spill all they want on the grass. In my home-now that's another story.   At this point the other dad laughed and observed that the party bags would be opened at our houses, not his. Even though he was hosting the party, his house would not bear the brunt of messy bag fillers. I quickly reminded him that our son has a winter birthday party, and that I could very easily create one of these special bags just for his son to bring home. He recognized the error of his ways.   I did describe some glow bracelets that I thought his daughter would like. My daughter had one in her party bag last year, and she loved it. With an evening party in the winter, it's already dark. The girls absolutely adored, being able to turn off the lights and have their jewelry glow in the dark. I was able to give advice on what to leave out, and what to include in party bags for winter birthday’s - surely I'm bound to be head hunted soon for my expertise in this field - not bad for being partied out!

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