Party bags for young children

Published : 08/11/2008 19:35:42
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Planning your child's birthday in the pre-nursery years is one of the most fun times you will have if you enjoy party themes and decorations. Parties are simple during these years, as you only have to provide cake and party bags to keep your guests content and satisfied. Plus, since parents are not likely to be dropping their children off and fleeing quite yet, you can be sure that you will have plenty of additional adults around to converse with and extra sets of eyes to watch the kids.

One thing you want to be careful of however, is how you choose to fill your kid's party bags when you are still dealing with a large group of guests under 3. Remember, no small toys such as whistles that the kids might chew on and swallow the little ball, and you probably want to avoid fake money in the party bags as well since the little coins can be lethal. (Both to the mouth and nose depending on the maturity of your guests!).

Of course your theme will dictate a lot of what ends up in your party bags, but you might choose to add a colouring book or a soft toy which are slightly safer alternatives to whistles and bouncy balls. In addition, water drencher squirt guns are always a fun addition to party bags in the summer months as well as just a few Haribo sweets to keep the smiles on your young guests' faces!

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