Party Bags - Some Helpful Advice For Parents

Published : 10/01/2012 08:48:01
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Party Bags - Some Helpful Advice For ParentsParty bags are an essential element within any children's birthday party. It's an unspoken rule that children will be presented with a whole bag of goodies, almost as a reward for deigning to turn up to the party. Children all seem to know it's likely to happen, and should a parent not choose to include this little tradition then the gossip in the playground (between both parents and children!) can be dreadful.

Make sure you don't make this, almost unforgivable social faux pas, and be prepared. But then choosing party gift bags isn't always easy either. If your child is wanting a Pirates of the Caribbean party then you may be tempted to get a pack of party bags with this theme printed on them, but if you're on a tight budget then it's worth being aware that often you can find generic party bags which are ideal. There are pirate themed party bags which are just general pirate images rather than Disney ones, and they're a good deal cheaper. Or you could simply go for plain black party bags. Nothing wrong with that, and they're very cheap indeed. But here's another tip when it comes to choosing which party bags to get. Think about the actual practicality of them.

There are three aspects to consider, and these are size, handles and names. First of all, think about how big the bag really needs to be. If you're handing out just a few small things such as a few marbles, a yo yo, some sweets and a piece of cake then it won't be too important, but if you insist on giving out glow sticks, magic wands and mugs you may need a bigger bag. Handles aren't always included, but they can make it a lot easier if children are carrying the bags and they have a lot of little things in which could spill out. Finally, names - this can really make a massive difference, but it's not always something that's considered until it's too late.

Often children will win prizes in the games at the party, and a good way of keeping these safe is to pop them into their party bags. These may still be left at the front or somewhere safe, but how do you know whose bag is whose? Even once they're handed out, how do you know whose is whose? And if you are handing out a bag and you see little Johnny standing waiting, how do you know whether he's already been given one bag and is now standing there waiting to see if he can get a second? By writing all of the names of the children on the bags you can make sure that prizes go in the right bags, and that everyone is given the correct bag, and only the one bag.

Not all party bags have a space for writing the child's name, but some do, and so it may be worth looking out for these as they do prove useful. Don't forget though that if you're writing on plastic bags you'll need something like a biro or a permanent market, as felt tip pens and roller balls won't work. The kind of pen you use to write on CDs and DVDs is usually perfect for this. Think about what you really need, think about whether the benefits and extra features will be an advantage or not, and think about your budget. It's also sometimes helpful to plan what you'll be putting in the party bags before buying them, otherwise you can find yourself being unexpectedly restricted as to what you can purchase, and if you find a really fantastic toy at a discount price it can be disappointing if it simply won't fit in the bag.

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