Party drinks - How to make a Tequila Twist

Published : 11/01/2009 14:00:46
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Looking for a new party drink? Well why not serve tequila twists, a drink that is becoming more and more popular at trendy clubs across the globe. This party drink not only tastes yummy, but it is very simple to make so feel free to knock yourself out, and your guests!

Ingredients: (This is for about 5-6 shoot sized glasses)

6 oz tequila 1 cup orange juice 1 Lime Lime juice Sugar 5 strawberries

Note: Before serving keep glasses in freezer so they are frosty when you serve them to your guests.

Moisten the edge of each glass by wiping a slice of lime around the rim, dip into sugar to add a sweet taste to the drink. Place tequila, lime juice, and orange juice into a shaker, along with the lime rind if you want a stronger presence of lime in the drink. Let it sit for a moment, and then add ice and shake again. Pour into the glass, add a half of strawberry as a garnish, and serve to your guests!

So there you have it, the best Tequila Twist recipe in town for perfect party drinks any time.

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