Party Fun with Jelly

Published : 14/04/2009 19:39:50
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Jelly is probably one of the most versatile foods that children absolutely adore. No summer party is complete without some wibbley wobbly jelly for the kids to dive into. There are many ways you can make your jelly more fun for your childrens party. One way is to make the jelly into ice lollies. One great type of jelly ice lolly are Rocket Pops. For busy mums, these will be made at least a day a head of the childs party which will leave the day of the party for the set up.

First you must decide your party's theme colours. For this example, we will use green and blue. This will make sixteen rocket lollies, if you are having a larger party, you can double or triple the recipe to suit. You will need 1 lime jelly, 1 blueberry jelly, whipped sweet cream like magic whip, 1 cup of sugar dived into half cups, ice cubes and boiling water. Take the lime jelly and mix it with 1/2 cup of sugar, add one cup of boiling water and stir until the sugar and jelly are dissolved 9 (pop into the microwave for about 15 seconds to speed this process up)...

Add ice cubes to one cup of cold water until you have 2 cups of ice water, add to the jelly mix until the ice cubes have dissolved. Pour evenly into 16 paper cups and put into the freezer for one hour. You will make the blueberry jelly the same way. After an hour has passed, you will add an inch layer of whipped topping and the blueberry jelly, when an hour or two has passed, stick a wooden pop stick or plastic spoon into the pops and then keep them in the freezer until your party is ready to go. Simply push the pops out of the cups and serve at your party.

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