Party Games with balloons

Published : 06/06/2009 07:09:10
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If you are looking for party games that won't cost the earth and you don't mind getting a bit wet, then one great game that we have modified slightly is a pass the balloon game. We have seen these kind of party games played at a number of different kids parties, where the balloon filled with air is passed from knees to knees. It is quite a challenge, being nearly weightless.  This is a fine indoor game, but outside in the wind it becomes nearly impossible. Our modification? Fill the balloons with water, not air.  

We use small latex balloons, the kind that you might use for fillers in your party bags or a pinata.. We fill it as close to the breaking point as possible, then get the kids to stand in aline passing the balloons to each other whilst clutching them between their knees - no hands allowed! The water in the balloon makes it able to withstand the wind, yet it is even wigglier than before.

Some water invariably spills on the outside of the balloon while it is being filled, and there is often some splashing at the hose, so the kids all get wet in the process of starting the game.   Usually a balloon will survive two, maybe three passes before the inevitable fall and bursting. My six year old daughter plays a game with me, where I tell her to get back so she does not get soaked, and she pretends to back up in slow motion, all the while positioning herself for maximum exposure to the water.

Once the first balloon breaks, everyone cheers and we prepare for the next round. This is one of those party games where there is no winner or loser, just a lot of fun for the participants and spectators.

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