Party hard all weekend at Butlins

Published : 18/06/2009 21:01:32
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Looking for a fun way to spend the weekend with the family, without breaking the bank? Want to host a memorable party? Butlins may be just what you are looking for! That’s right, the very same place that your grandparents went to when they were young is still around, and retooled for the 21st century.

Butlins got its start in the 1930s with resorts around the British coast. As travel became cheaper and easier, tourists were more inclined to visit resorts on the Mediterranean. Now, however, with a somewhat dreary economy, many people are rediscovering this resort that their parents and grandparents remember so fondly. With three resorts at the best beaches in the UK, Butlins is easy to get to, just a short drive, and relatively inexpensive.

Each Butlins resort offers over fifty activities for kids and adults. This means that you do not have to go out of your way to plan fun party activities. In fact, you can turn older kids loose and let them do their own activities, as all of the activities are included in the booking price. Live performances for kids and adults will take the pressure off of planning the perfect set of party events. Of course you may want to add in a few party supplies, costumes or maybe T-shirts which you can simply order on line from a party supplies store.

Food can also be a challenge for party planning, and Butlins has options there too. You can self-cater for your party weekend, or you can choose a bed and breakfast option. Add dinner to your package and suddenly the party plans are much simpler. And, if you are not so worried about running the party, you have more of an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself too. So, instead of dreading your next weekend party and counting down the days until Monday so you can go back to work, plan a Butlins party and make it enjoyable for your guests and for you!

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