Party in the Park

Published : 03/12/2008 13:45:39
Categories : Party Venues

There are no rules to suggest a party for needs to be in doors and under control. In fact out of control can make more of a party, if you are going to have a wilder party then try it outside so any mess made doesn't matter so much. You can arrange a date and time and arrange to meet up with your party guests at the local park. Just hang your balloons from the trees and you will have an instant party location.

Sort out a central place to have food and drinks and then use the room around you, if there are kids around make sure adults have checked the area for safety and keep an eye on all proceedings. In fact try and keep one or two people watching out for any trouble no matter how old the participants are.

With all the open space of the park around, there are plenty of things to do, things that take minimum equipment and can still be fun. Perhaps a game of football or cricket or a game of volleyball using balloons could be more fitting to your party guests. No matter what the ages involved most kids and adult's too find a bit of running around fun. There are no room rentals or hire charges to pay and the money can be saved for other things.

The running around will also act to calm things down and control the energy expelled, again the same for grownups and not so grown ups. Just because you have balloons it doesn't mean it’s a kid's party. At the end of the day clear up the mess and go home, no carpets to clean, no floors to sweep, no plates to wash if you use paper ones and no one being sick in the bath!

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