Party like a rock star

Published : 03/01/2009 19:05:48
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

From a young age, most people idolize rock stars that are out at all hours partying. Whatever your age, after reading the tabloids about another all-nighter, you may be wishing you were out partying like a rock star, instead of sitting inside or tucking the kids in bed. However, while you may not be actually able to hit the VIP clubs in town you can invite your friends over to have a night of your own fun, thanks to the many new video games on the market.

If you have a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox 360, or a friend who does, (or let's admit it, maybe you can borrow your child's!) than there is no harm in inviting a few friend's over for a ruckus night of playing like a rock star. Games such as Rock star or Guitar Hero allow you to imagine you are on stage and partying out to your hearts content. Therefore, why not have a rock star party around these games. You can even break out the karaoke machine, to add even more party fun.

You might want to consider purchasing some party supplies and decorations, such as musical notes cut outs, or a musical notes skyscape to simply to hold a little theme, or of course just providing some beer and cocktails will set you in the mood. This will also help loosen your friend's inhibitions and allow everyone to have even more fun at your party. The best part about this type of event is that you can party like a rock star in the comfort and embarrassment safety net of your own home and social network of friends. They of course would never dream of embarrassing you at a later date!

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