Party like Britain's Got Talent

Published : 27/11/2008 19:25:37
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you want to have a unique party theme this coming Christmas, consider hosting a private Britain's Got Talent show in your own living room. While the original series will not be back until 2009, you can create your very own variety of fun in the living room. Perhaps you will find that there’s a budding Paul Potts singer in your group, however you will not know until your party guests take to the spotlight and perform!

To make the party more accurate you will have to choose a few of your harshest and more sarcastic friends to host the affair, in place of Simon Cowell and Pierce Morgan. You might consider purchasing a few joke trophies to hand out to your friends, so that the true talent show winners can walk away with their very own victory mementos.   It would only be polite to supply a party buffet and some alcoholic refreshments to help to build up the courage of your oh so talented friends. The above idea is outlined for an adult party, but in truth it can be a lot of fun for guests of all ages, as this is also a great event to keep young children entertained at a birthday party (minus of course the alcoholic refreshments!). In fact if you have a young child who loves watching Britain’s Got Talent, this may be the birthday party that trumps all birthday bashes! Simply include a note for guests to come prepared with an act and you will have hours of entertainment to keep everyone, including yourself entertained. Oh and don't forget a few party accessories and decorations such as a starry night room setter back drop for your guests to perform in front of.

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