Party Like It's 1952 - An Alternative Jubilee Celebration

Published : 04/06/2012 12:41:26
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With all of the recent Jubilee celebrations there has been more attention on the 1950s that there has for quite a while. Queen Elizabeth II's reign began in 1952, and whilst most people will have been celebrating in true 2012 style just recently, you might be in need of a bit of a change. So what could be better than a 1950s themed party? Check out our range of 1950s party decorations and propsA 1950s themed party is an opportunity to have a fabulous time with a great deal of style. To help set the scene we have a range of cutouts and scene setters, with everything from jukeboxes to Cadillacs helping to transform your room into something that is bright, garish, loud and unashamedly American.

We might not have had Facebook or Twitter back in the 1950s, but we did have a form of social networking. Quite possibly Tupperware started the whole idea of social networking, and along the same idea we have some fabulous rock 'n' roll snack bowls which look as though they have been made out of moulded LPs. You remember LPs, right? Never mind MP3s, iTunes, or even CDs.

This was when music was heavy, literally. Of course if you're going to have a 1950s party then it is essential everybody comes in fancy dress. It's time to whip out the poodle skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes, get practising on the ponytails and the slicked back hair, and feel proud to wear a white T-shirt and cuffed jeans. Switch on the jukebox and get everyone jiving along to the Jitterbug, the Stroll and of course the Twist, with all the classics from Elvis and the Everly Brothers to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly.

The food of course has to be everything from cheese burgers and fries to root beer, milkshakes and coke. If you have a soda fountain, then it is obligatory to have this running the whole time. Of course today we're much more photograph oriented, and although mobile phones were around in the 50s, albeit weighing about the size of a rather over packed suitcase, and seriously challenging the meaning of the word 'mobile', the only thing such phones could do was to make and receive phone calls.

Back then the idea of being able to play Angry Birds, photograph your stubbed toe and share it instantly with a couple thousand of your closest friends online, and work out the most efficient route from your house to the nearest gym using GPS were beyond even the wildest imagination. But today people will inevitably have their phones with them, and it will be a great opportunity to get some fantastic pictures. We have a number of photo props which are perfect for just this opportunity, with our a convertible Cadillac photo prop an ideal way of sharing your take on 1950s styling through 21st century online networking. Go on, have a blast!

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