Party of 5 phenomenon

Published : 24/04/2009 07:48:37
Categories : Film and Movies

Remember Party of 5? We all have fond memories of the TV shows that shaped our formative years; those soapy sagas that we couldn't wait to get home from school for, with dreamboat heroes and settings that seemed miles away from our own humdrum lives. Mine was one for the more light-hearted, easy-to-watch sitcoms, but my sister had a veritable obsession with angsty US drama Party of 5. The trials and tribulations of the five Salinger siblings (including a pre-Lost Matthew Fox and Neve "Scream" Campbell - whatever happened to her) kept her utterly gripped; her mood swings mirrored their own ups and downs and at times it felt as though she were closer to Charlie, Bailey & co than to me, her own sister.

This classic 90's TV phenomenon was not just worshipped in our house, however; it was popular worldwide, won a coveted Golden Globe award and ran for seven years. My sister has been delighted to learn that all the Party of 5 series is available on DVD (so she knows what she’ll be getting for Christmas...). I for one, however, will not be rushing to watch again; I'm happy to admit that I prefer the shallower, simpler pleasures of something like Friends, Frasier or Will & Grace. Who wants to be confronted with difficult teenagers, sibling rivalry and the drudgery of family on the television? We have all that at home! I'm looking for escapism from my telly, and Party of 5, whilst many things, was certainly not that.

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