Party Planner Guidelines

Published : 07/11/2008 19:30:19
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Hiring a party planner can be a great way to avoid all the stress of planning your child's birthday party. Below are some guidelines that you can refer to in order to make sure you get the most out of your planner.

  1. Make sure that the party planner's fee, budget, and working time are clearly agreed upon before you sign a contract.
  2. A party planner may bring a second person or helper with them on the day. Ensure that this is agreed upon, the last thing you want is unknown strangers wandering amongst the kids.
  3. It may sound obvious but let the planner know what kind of party the child wants – themes, venues, games, activities etc.
  4. Find out what assistance, if any, the planner requires from you.
  5. Ask whether the party planner will help during the food section of the party. Some will and some won't.
  6. Determine what prizes, gifts, or party bags the planner intends to provide - if any.
  7. Telephone the party planner a few days before the party to re-confirm.
  8. When the planner arrives on the day, introduce them to the child so that they can give them the attention they deserve.
  9. Have the planners' fee ready in an envelope in a safe place before the party begins.
  10. Have a few games in mind, just in case the party planner isn’t what you expected or desired.
  11. Check to see if the planner will organise the children's party supplies and party bags, or whether this is something you’ll need to arrange yourself.
  12. Make sure you're getting value for money, lots of help and plenty of great party ideas
  13. Most of all, make sure that the extra money spent for a party planner is worth every penny and results in a fantastic birthday party to remember.

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