Party Poppers for Weddings

Published : 16/04/2009 06:55:52
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

I love a beautiful wedding almost as much as I love a wedding that really gets into the idea of celebrating. Stiff and overtly formal weddings tend to be a bit tiresome, even if they are held in the most beautiful setting. Party poppers, and other fun or loud party supplies, blend the beauty of a wedding with the celebration of the event. After all, a wedding isn’t just a ceremony to legalize the joining of a family.

It is a true celebration of love and hope and happiness, all the great romantic and joyous things that make getting married the event that it is. I have been to weddings that are filled with tradition and are all about appearances and I have been to weddings that are all about celebration. Celebration is definitely the way to go. Grabbing some party poppers, streamers, noise makers, and bubbles and setting the tone with carefully though out party bags for the guests, encourages all out participation. Personally its silver and pink party poppers every time for me.

Having a fun filled wedding complete with noise makers, party cannons, party poppers, and string shots gets everyone into the party mood. Sometimes we all try too hard to be so traditional that we forget what it is like to really engage at our own wedding. By making it fun and dedicating it as a party of love, I believe that the happy couple and all their friends and family end up celebrating a wedding that will be remembered as more than just another "beautiful service."

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