Party Themes Are a Great Party Idea

Published : 18/02/2009 19:05:09
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Having a theme for a party, whether it is for a birthday party, new years eve party or a party just for fun is always a good idea. A theme is the glue to a party and ties it together while adding that extra little bit of thought. The theme you choose is dependent on the type of party it is. I could go on about party themes all day but here's a few ideas to get you in the theming mood.

A children's party theme is probably the easiest to decide on. It is best to base it on a character or show your child is interested in. If the children's party is not for your child but is a party for kids you do not know particularly well, you can always ask around to get what the new "hot character" is. Moreover, if it is for your child and they are old enough, let them decide.   A fun party theme for adults is the roaring twenties. This is a good theme because it involves drinking and plenty of fun. This was a time of liberation and experiences. Party was this times middle name and it would be fun to bring it back just for a night. Women can wear flapper dresses and men can wear suits. This is definitely a great idea for those upper scale parties because it adds a hint of sophistication with all the chaos to be had that night. Keep decorations simple using solid colour party supplies like black white and silver.

Finally, a great theme for a Valentines party would be Cupid's Play house. The theme could revolve around Cupid, the angel of love! Decorate with your normal reds, pinks and whites with images of cupid. You could also create a love room confessional where people can be alone and let each other really know how they feel. Everyone has a crush or love and this would give them the perfect opportunity that they might not otherwise have.

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