Party to Celebrate a New Job

Published : 13/02/2009 18:37:15
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

I attended a party when Smitty in accounting retired. It seemed morbid at the time, but I attended a party when Bernie and the marketing team lost their jobs. I co-hosted one when my sister in law lost her job. I have not kept in touch with Smitty since his retirement. I occasionally email Bernie when I run across positions that might be a good fit for him. He keeps me up to date on how his team is doing in their individual job searches (mostly not great). My sister in law talks to my wife every other day, and the news from her is much better.

When she lost her job, her manager lost his too. He found a position within three weeks at a competitor that wanted access to new accounts. He went to work for them, and then brought my sister in law in for an interview. She did a great job through three rounds of interviewing, and was offered a position.

This was some of the best news we had that week. My wife and I both thought that, since we had a celebration when she lost her job, we should have an even bigger party to celebrate her new job. We found no disagreement with that idea. All of our family was ready to celebrate my sister in law going back to work. I think she was annoying everyone with all of her spare time.   We struggled with a theme to decorate with, and settled on gold. Catie, my sister in law, said that getting this job was like hitting the jackpot. We couldn’t find slot machines, but figured that party supplies in gold would serve as the next best thing.

We waited until Catie actually completed her first week on the job, and then had the party. It was a grand success-much more fun than the last one we had for her

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