Party Tricks: The Four Matchsticks Puzzle

Published : 24/09/2010 10:00:27
Categories : Party Tricks

One of the most popular types of party tricks are those which involve the use of matches. Not only are they easy to learn, they can be fiendishly difficult as well. Matches are easy to come by, and so after the demonstration anyone can go away, try it out, and find themselves thoroughly infuriated.

Throughout this blog we have already provided a few different party tricks for you to try, and today we are going to look at one which involves the use of just four matches. You can do this at home, a restaurant, or at the pub, and for children you can simply swap the matches for pencils or sticks. fourmatchesLay out four matches as in the illustration above, and point out that you have created a four sided square with four corners using four matches. Nothing particularly clever there, but the challenge is to remove one of the matches, to still leave four. That's it, no more clues. See if you can work it out, and in a couple of days I'll give you the solution!

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