Party Tricks - Yet Another Self Working Card Trick!

Published : 25/04/2013 09:58:49
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Here at Parteaz we like our magic tricks and party tricks, and through this blog we've given you a few magic tricks which are simple to learn but which will wow your friends, guests and children at any party.

In today's post we're going to offer you another fantastic trick which seems impossible, yet is very easy to do. The great thing about this magic trick is that it takes place entirely in the spectators' hands - no fiddling or messing about needed.Party Tricks - Yet Another Self Working Card Trick!As the Great Spaghetti, or whatever your mystical name of choice is, you explain to your mesmerised audience that throughout the ages magicians and card experts have been able to perform many amazing feats with cards, with one of the most popular being to miraculously locate certain cards within the deck.

However, you are going to go one better than that, and imbue a willing volunteer with your magical powers of divination, empowering them with the skill of divining the location of certain cards. At this point you may need a cloth to mop up the drool. Hand a pack of cards to a spectator and ask them to place it on the table in front of them face down, and to cut the deck into two piles, side by side.

Once they have done this, ask them to then pick up about half of the cards from each pile and place them in front of the original two piles, creating a grid of four piles of cards. You then ask them to pick up one of the piles of cards, and keeping them all face down, transfer three cards from the top to the bottom of that pile, and then deal one card on to the top of each of the other three piles.

When they have done this you indicate the second pile, and ask them to do the same thing, dealing three cards to the bottom of that pile, and then one card from the top of it to the top of each of the other three piles. They then do the same thing with the third pile, and finally the fourth pile.

You remind them that they cut the deck, and that they then cut the deck twice more, and that there was no possible way you could know which cards they would cut to. magicians-cakeOnce they agree, you reveal that all along you had been controlling their mind and thoughts without them realising it, and to prove it, you ask them to turn over the top card from each pile.

Miraculously, incredibly, amazingly, the top card of each of the four piles is an Ace!

How on earth is this possible? It’s actually very simple. To start with, find the four Aces and place them face down on the top of the deck. Hand the deck to the spectator and when they cut the deck, and then cut it a second time so they have four piles of cards, make a note of which one of the four piles was originally the top of the deck, and therefore still has the four Aces on top. Now all you have to do is to follow the routine as described above, but making sure that the pile with the Aces in is the one they touch last of all. That's it. It’s as simple as that, yet because it all happens in the hands of the volunteer it seems quite impossible. Now of course it is important that you don’t abuse your mesmeric powers - use them only for good!

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