Party Under the Stars

Published : 03/12/2008 19:05:09
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One of the best outdoor parties I was at was a very simple one but one which was mainly adult, there were a few teenage kid's around, I guess that's because the parents didn't have a babysitter that night. We found a clearing and set up some tents around an area for our camp fire and left some room to sit around it.

We started off with traditional food cooked over the fire; storytelling and a bit of drinking. Next, came the games as the alcohol started to kick in! It was hide and seek in the woods. A small problem was that there was only one torch and that was held by the couple seeking. The hiders for safety and fairness went around in pairs to find places to hide in the dark. While the searchers went off, they tried to get back to the fire without being caught and to continue with the outdoor party festivities as soon as possible!

There were branches and brambles everywhere which those of us with shorts and t shirts managed to find the most. We all took turns and bar a few bumps and scratches it was great fun. It was all very simple and free to do except for the drink, food a couple of party balloons oh and a pack of glow bracelets which some one brought along with them.

This was a very simple outdoor party to arrange and to take part in. Tidying up was quick and simple and any spilled food or drink didn't matter. It was also out in the fresh air and involved some exercise. It's not necessarily for everyone and but you can taylor the finer party details to suit your party. One word of advice though, do a quick check of the area in daylight first to ensure there are no dangers that you will not be able to identify in the dark.

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