Party with Fruit

Published : 24/05/2009 17:36:51
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

It's summer and it’s practically illegal to have a summer party without having fresh, cool, great tasting fruit as the major focus. You could simply stick a bowl of fruit in the middle of your dining room table and say something like "help yourself folks" or you could do something a bit more thoughtful and a whole lot more enjoyable. How about loading your dining room table with as many fruit dishes as will fit? If it is to be an adult only party then it's good to know that fruit and alcohol do mix and they mix very well. Remember this when doing your party bags - miniatures are always gratefully received!

Here's an idea, have a toga party with lounge pillows all over the floor, roast a chicken, eat with your fingers, and for after, feed each other grapes and let the wine flow, literally, I mean; if you happen to spill some on someone's shoulder well......   OK so the Roman bacchanal isn't your cup of tea, there is always the watermelon filled with vodka trick, cut a hole in the rind of a whole watermelon fill it with vodka, let it sit long enough for the vodka to infuse the pulp then slice it and put it on a plate.

If you are having a kids party, homemade ice cream is always a winner, try mango ice cream it really is delicious, it'll take a dozen mangos, three of which are peeled and finely chopped, the remaining nine are juiced. You will need two cups of sugar and twelve cups of milk. Add the sugar to the mango juice, boil the milk and let it cool, add everything together and put it all in the ice cream churner, viola; mango ice cream. Any fruit in season is relatively inexpensive, it’s always nutritious, it’s tasty, fun and almost no one is allergic, so have a party and enjoy.

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