Party with this Pub Golf Drinking Game

Published : 21/11/2008 19:10:59
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Consider if you will a leisurely game of golf on a Summers afternoon. Now forget all about it. Pub golf is not for the faint hearted and should probably come with a goverment health warning (if they've not already tried to apply one).

The thing to say about this party drinking game is that whilst you might be an enthusiastic player, you don't actually need to finish the full 9 holes! This drinking game is more about the spirit of taking part than the winning. In fact no body actually wins, you simply enjoy the company of your friends, cause a spot of GBH to your liver and support your local publicans in this time of economic decline.

Before you start, and this needs a bit of sober planning, you'll need to consider the chosen drink for each hole (that's a watering hole or pub). Do not end up on the golf course, most clubs tend to have some funny rules against playing this game on their fairways and greens for some reason! 

Having nominated a drink for each round you now need to consider the par for the hole. This is the number of attempts needed to complete the drink at one particular pub. It's a bit like the number of strokes allocated for each hole in golf only more interesting. If you know nothing about golf then you're in good company but it goes something like this. If the par for the hole was 3 then if you finished your drink in 3 attempts then you par the hole. Mark it on a score sheet if you like, but I guarantee that no one will know where the score sheet has gone by the end of the evening. If you want to press on with the rules then simply score according to your efforts. If you take 4 goes at a par 3 watering hole, then simply score as one over par and like wise one under par, (I think its a birdie) if you take your drink in only two goes.

Hand out sheets to your party goers at the start of the evening. Mark on each sheet the name of the 9 pubs, your route, the nominated party drink for each hole and of course the allocated par on each. Stick together, name badges are good but above all remember to eat first and pace yourself. It maybe a party game but there are different kinds of winners and laying drunk outside the door of the second pub does not count as a win...the third pub maybe.

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