Pass the Parcel Party Game

Published : 10/06/2009 07:04:45
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Me: I need an icebreaker idea. My wife Lynn: Pass the parcel party game. Me: What? Do you even know what I'm talking about? Lynn: Rarely do I know what you are talking about. Fortunately, that rarely stops me from helping you when you need it. So, I stand by my pass the parcel suggestion. Me: For a training class? Are you sure? Lynn: Ok, tell me what you are trying to do. I explained.

I am taking a business trip in the next few weeks. I am leading a two day training session on measuring customer satisfaction. Most of my seminar attendees will be extremely analytical, numbers-driven spreadsheet geeks. Most of them do not know each other, and would probably rather use instant messaging to communicate across the room rather than talk face to face. I figure that I need, right at the start, an ice breaker. I need to engender a feeling of community, and try to make the session fun. Lynn:

You mean like a party, don't you? Me: Yes, like a party, but without pinatas, party supplies, or clowns. Lynn: Don't worry, they have you. They won’t need any more clowns. Seriously, though, find some party bag fillers that have something to do with customers, or satisfaction, and make them pass these around under their chins. Start out first thing in the morning on the first day. The first ones to lose have to eat dinner with you. The winners get to skip out early on your second day.

That will give them incentive to try hard! Me: Thanks sweetheart. You are very helpful and supportive. Do you really think it will work? Lynn: Well, I think the pass the parcel party game will work. I am not so sure about the rest of your training session.

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