Perfect Fillings for Your Party Pinata

Published : 15/03/2009 18:42:21
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

So you have consented to have a piñata at your child's next party? Great idea, everyone loves a pinata party. Now, then you need to start thinking about the mechanics of the event. Will you buy a pre-filled pinata, or fill one yourself? In our family, the pre-filled ones have not gone down well. We have historically preferred the ones that you fill yourself, for a couple different reasons.

First, the selection of the pinata itself is critical. You must match the piñata to the party. If you are having a Thomas the Tank Engine party, you need a Train pinata. If you are having a dinosaur party, you need a dinosaur pinata. A Thomas pinata would not be welcomed at a dinosaur party, and vice versa. If there was no other reason to fill your own, this by itself would be enough. The selection of pre-filled pinata's is not big enough to match with all of the party themes you might have, unless you stick with a generic pinata. Clearly that will not do.

The next point to consider is allergies. In the school that my kids go to, there are enough peanut and other tree nut allergies that the entire school is a Nut Free Zone (too bad the policy is only for foods, and not for people too). Two boys on my son's football team suffer terribly from these allergies, so anything that goes into the pinata has to be carefully checked, and that can't be done with one that is pre-filled.

Our kids will tell you that pinata's should be filled with nothing but sweets. I disagree. We prefer small pocket money toys and just a few sweets like haribo and lollipops. The kids don't need the extra sugar, and the toys last longer. You can also get a pre maid piñata filler pack for speed. In the summer months and as long as it’s out side you can also opt for filling the pinata with loads of little water bombs which makes for some explosive party action. Stuffing your piñata with confetti is also another great way of creating a little bit of drama and excitement with this party game. So consider these points, and then furnish your game with the perfect party pinata fillers!

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