Perfect Party Ice Cream

Published : 11/03/2009 07:18:09
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Do you know a single kid that does not like ice cream? I don't. In fact, I do not know a single adult that does not like ice cream. I know adults that don't eat ice cream because of diet's and such like, but nobody dislikes ice cream. Do you know a single kid that doesn't like a party? I don't. I do know some adults that don't like parties, but they are a bunch of stick in the muds that you wouldn't invite to a party anyway. So, how about combining these two favourites, ice cream and parties? In fact, how about making the ice cream at the party? The whole theme itself can be making the perfect party ice cream!

There are a few points to consider when planning your ice cream creation. First, you will need decorations. How about creating your own Ice cream parlour using scene setters and 50s Party supplies and decor? I love the foldable Ice cream Sundae Centrepiece table decorations myself. Once you've set the scene you need to think about how to actually make ice cream. If you already have an ice cream making machine, this part will not be too tough. If you are considering buying an ice cream making machine, you will find two choices-an electric one and a hand crank one. Without a doubt the electrics are quicker and easier to operate. Without a doubt the hand cranks are more fun, especially if you have kids helping to make the ice cream. Let them work off some of the calories they’ll be putting back in from the ice cream!   There is also a technique for making ice cream without a machine if you don't want to buy one especially for the occasion. Apparently this method requires you to make your ice cream mixture, put it in a sealed plastic bag, and then put that bag in another sealed plastic bag with ice and salt. The entire concoction is kneaded like dough until the ice cream hardens. Not sure on the ingredients required and quantities though so I think I will now need to investigate this in my efforts to pull off perfect party Ice Cream. Stay tuned...

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