Picnic Party Essentials

Published : 15/06/2009 06:44:54
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Spring has finally sprung, and the days are getting longer. Time to plan the first picnic party! Our family has definitely had its share of cabin fever, and our two children are planning playtime at the beach and at the pool. They certainly do not want to be bothered with abandoning their fun merely for the sake of a meal, and, truth be told neither do my wife or I. To that end, a picnic party is a mandatory component of spring or summer.

Picnic party essentials include a main course, snacks, some type of vegetable, a beverage, and if you believe our six year old daughter, a dessert. Most of the planning falls to my wife, and she is a great believer in simplicity. Great value party supplies that can be disposed of on the spot when the meal is over are staples for the day. We also like to use plastic cups for our drinks. Each one of us uses a different colour, to make sure that we drink ours and not someone else's. My eight year old son had an incident at Christmas where he mistakenly took a nice long drink of his grandfather's Scotch and thought he poisoned himself. We learned our lesson then on the importance of properly identifying your cup.

We like to prepare as much as possible into single serving sizes, to minimize the need for too much picnic tableware. Where we must, plastic tableware is our choice, as it is lightweight. The downside to the picnic is that we do have to carry all of our picnic party essentials with us, then carry back any leftovers and other supplies. When we can, we try to have the kids help transport the supplies. Every little bit counts at the end of a long day of fun in the sun.

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