Pieces Of Eight! Pieces Of Eight! Pirate Party Bags Ready For Looting

Published : 10/10/2010 11:28:12
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A pirate party remains one of the most popular choices for many children, especially boys of a certain age! A pirate themed birthday party offers a whole range of opportunities, from dressing up in fancy dress costumes to a pirate birthday cake, perhaps either as a skull and crossbones or a galleon ship, and then of course a heap of pirate inspired games.

Never mind Pin the Tail on the Donkey, because for a pirate party it has to be Pin the Sword on the Pirate. Duck, Duck, Goose, has to be Pirate, Pirate, Cabin Boy (or Girl!), and there are plenty of other opportunities for pirate inspired malarkey. But often there's one aspect of the party which proves difficult - the party bags. pirate-party-bagsFirst of all, you'll want a bag of loot that's suitable for a grim, seafaring scallywag, and we can certainly help out with that. Our set of 8 pirate party bags are black, with a striking skull and crossbones emblazoned on the side that's likely to meet with the approval of all seadogs in the area. But then what about the contents? It can be difficult to know what to put in a party bag for a pirate themed party. Of course, the obvious answer are those gold coins which used to only really be available at Christmas for hanging on the tree, although these days they seem to be available all year round. But what else? pirate-favor-packWell, we can help out here as well, because we can supply a massive sack of loot that's been specially selected for pirate favour bags. Our 48 pirate favour value pack contains pirate themed trinkets, cash, pieces of gold and goodies that would be enough to make any pirate feel that he (or she) has indeed found where the treasure was buried. Rum not included.

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