Pinata Party Game – Adults Only!

Published : 11/06/2009 14:12:51
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

How about an adults only pinata party? Sure, you have had pinatas at the kids' birthday parties, but all of that Disney Princess and Cars stuff, not to mention thesweets. Great fun for the kiddies. Not so much fun for the adults. However, my sister in law and her husband recently threw a very adult-oriented pinata party. As many good ideas often do, this party started with shots of tequila. Four families were together for the weekend, and the kids were put to bed for the night. Apparently there had been some planning ahead of time. My wife's sister brought out a burro pinata that had been, how to put this, anatomically enhanced. We all took two tequila shots, and drew cards from a deck.

Lowest card, my brother in law Tony, went first. He did a shot, of course, put on a blindfold, and was turned around three times. You can imagine how this could end up, the combination of tequila and being spun around. Tony did not manage to break the pinata. The shots, spinning, and efforts to break the pinata continued. Finally, my sister in law Judy connected well enough to break it. I was a bit concerned about what would come spilling out. After all, we were all family, and all married.   As it turned out, the contents of the piñata was a good mix of risque and safe items. Once broken, our burro laid plastic eggs. We made a mad scramble to pick them up, and when they were opened there were a series of instructions. Some, such as "kiss your spouse passionately for thirty seconds", were specifically designed to be performed in front of everyone. Others, such as "expose a part of you most exciting to your partner", were designed to have the couple leave the room for a moment or two. Needless to say, this was one of the most fun pinata parties my wife and I have ever attended!


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