Pinata Party Game

Published : 11/05/2009 06:36:31
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A pinata party is always a lot of fun for an outdoor summer party, obviously a Mexican themed party comes to mind but it doesn't need to be. Pinatas come in all forms and sizes from Footballs to Pirate Treasure Chests, they can be a Fighting Bull or a Sombrero or a Unicorn or a train pinata or anything in between, so the first step is to plan the theme of your party. When you have chosen the theme, get on line and send out e-cards for invitations you can do this very inexpensively by signing up with an on line invitation company such as e-vite which has literally hundreds of themes to choose from.

Once you have picked the invite you simply fill in the information needed and e-mail them to your guest list. After you have chosen the pinata, you will need to fill it; the same place that sells pinata's will sell you the toys and favours to put in it. They will also stock party bags so depending on the age group involved you can make your choice as to how to fill the pinata itself and what to include as prizes other than what falls out of the pinata.  

Unless you are prepared to provide more than one pinata you will need to plan other games to keep the kids happy, even with one pinata you will need to determine who gets first crack at it and that is usually done by picking the winner of a contest, such as a sack race or something like it. Have other games and entertainments in mind, you never know, the first kid could be successful on his first try, and if your pinata party revolves solely around that one game, it will be a very short party indeed. On the other hand some pinatas can really take some beating to crack them open, it's just the luck of the draw.

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