Plan a bubble bath birthday party for your toddler

Published : 31/12/2008 08:21:24
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Looking for a unique theme for your toddler's next birthday party? Well here's one that you probably will not see from anyone else and will be the talk of your nursery for the next month, a bubble bath birthday party.

No, you do not have to actually put your children in the bathtub, unless you happen to have a hot tub, in which case you could turn it on for some ambience. Rather you plan your entire birthday party around the shiny shimmer of bubbles. One key element you will not want to forget to rent, or perhaps find online for a decent price is a bubble machine.

Since it is not practical to run the bubble machine all night, you may want to decorate with some radiant jewel diamond balloons at your bubble bath birthday party. Alternatively the typical blue for boys and pink for girls is an excellent way to go for your general colour themes, although blue will help replicate the feeling of water more. Frosted pearl white balloons are also always a wonderful compliment to whichever colours you end up going with.

Rubber ducks or shaped bars of soap make for wonderful centrepieces for each of the tables, and also make great party favors if you plan on giving the guests party bags.

You may not be putting the kids in the bath but get hold of some large plastic bowls, a baby bath or dolls bath. Half fill them with warm water. Add bath time bubbles to some and food colouring to others to give a unique touch to your bubble bath birthday party and plenty of water fun for the children. Add a few bath toys, plastic cups and small watering can to play with.

Finally, to complete your theme, you can ask all of your little guests to come to the birthday party in their pyjamas and slippers, to make it appear as though everyone just got out of the tub.

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