Plan a Hollywood Party and classic movie showing

Published : 11/01/2009 19:10:27
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Looking to plan a fun night in for you and your friends? Why not plan a Hollywood Party night and host a showing of the international hit, Titanic. While almost everyone can remember the first time they heard "I'll never let go Jack," they will still want to take advantage of seeing the movie again in  true Hollywood fashion at your own screening event. Planning a Hollywood Party around a popular movie is a great way to make sure all your friends enjoy the night, and a great way to create an easy theme for your next social occasion. For dinner, you may want to head online and purchase plenty of Hollywood Movie Night party supplies such as plates, cups, and napkins. Since you are throwing a Titanic Hollywood Party, you may want to purchase a few red and black tablecovers to set an elegant theme for your dining table. Even a few champagne glasses or plastic martini glasses may be in order for this special night. A generous sprinkling of Lights Camera Action Confetti, is a great way to theme and decorate your tables For an added kick, you can invite your friends to come dressed in formal evening wear, which most people will enjoy, after all, how many times a year do you get an excuse to dress up? Of course, after dinner is over, you can move your Hollywood Party to the lounge or den, where your special showing of Titanic is set up and ready to go. For an extra touch, while you are eating and socialising you may want to play the soundtrack of Titanic in the background to build up a little anticipation.

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John Jaworski

15/01/2009 20:20:00

Great idea. Everyone loves movies and why not have your own celebration too!When they give the big awards celebrate with your own confetti!Great idea! John

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