Plan a pirate party to spice up the winter months

Published : 09/01/2009 13:45:24
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

After the holidays, it can be extremely taxing to start planning another party, which is why many people dread planning their children's birthday parties in January or February due to the drudgery of the seasons.  However, there is no need to despair if you plan a pirate party, as the preparations are easy and a pirate birthday party is sure to thrill even the pickiest child.

Of course, you will want to head online for all your pirate party supplies, such as tablecovers and napkins so that you can purchase them all in one easy location.  While you are there, you might even grab some pirate latex balloons and a pirate party honeycomb centrepiece to liven up your party table. You may also want to grab some party bags filled with pirate supplies, such as treats, pirate bandannas, and many more traditional party bag supplies. In fact, you might even consider colour coding the pirate bandannas so that you have ready formed teams for later in the party for your games or events.

If the pirate party happens to land on a nice day, you can lay out a plank that each child can walk as a balance beam, in effect making each kid walk the plank. The team that has the most successful members cross without falling wins the event.  You might also fill a tub with water and get the kids to go bobbing for sea fish, or bobbing treasure. Once again give the winning team points.

Buried treasure of course is another great event for your pirate party and you can choose to either use your sandpit if you have one, or instead turn your search for buried treasure into a scavenger hunt.  As a present, the winning team can receive first dibs on the birthday cake, a pirate galleon cake of course! With just a little bit of planning, and one quick stop online, you can have a pirate party theme that will have your child and guests "Arring" in no time!

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