Plan the perfect High School Musical party sleep over

Published : 31/01/2009 07:23:26
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If you want to plan the perfect birthday for a girl between the ages of 8-11, why not plan a High School Musical party sleep over? With such a popular theme, your child will not only be excited for their High School Musical birthday party, but by adding in the sleep over bonus they will be overjoyed!

First off, you will want to get some High School Musical party invitations for your child to give out to her friends keeping in mind that since this is a sleep over party a smaller guest list will be easier for you to accommodate. Now you just have to brainstorm with your daughter the more intricate party details.

Some tips for a fun party is to start out by ordering in a pizza as this is an easy buffet item that most children love and will gladly eat. After dinner is of course desert, so you may decide to serve the birthday cake along with sundaes. Serve dinner early giving them all plenty of time to work off the sugar overload.

Since it is a High School Musical party, you'll want to make sure the kids have the time to dance, so plan a dance party in your lounge with the soundtrack of High School musical blaring out to their delight. (After all, a birthday comes once a year!) Camp Rock, Hannah Montana, and any of the NOW CDs are really popular among most kid's of this age.

After they've worked off their energy, you can have them change into their PJs and get out their sleeping bags. If you think they still need to lose some energy, a friendly pillow fight never hurt anyone. Now, you can give them some popcorn and turn on the High School Musical movie for the perfect end, to a perfect High School Musical party!

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