Planning a university graduation party

Published : 04/11/2008 14:00:02
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

If you have just taken your university exams, most likely you are ready to celebrate your entry into the real world. Most people enjoy marking this significant occasion with a party since most of the time it is a 3 year project (and for an unfortunate few - a little longer!).

Planning a graduation party is much like any other except for this one you don't need to worry about a theme, since throwing away your books and pencils etc is pretty much what’s on everyone's minds. Of course, you are still going to need to purchase some party supplies, mainly tableware, streamers, and a fitting banner.

Usually the theme of your grad party will be pretty simple, and finding corresponding party supplies should be easy enough. A simple congratulations balloon and a few banners should do the trick nicely. Blue and silver party supplies always seem to colour coordinate well with a graduation party, and are always useful for parties down the road making them a rather thrifty purchase.

Of course, you can't celebrate properly without a few drinks, so make sure you add booze and snacks to your list of party supplies before you head out to the shops. In fact, most graduation parties end at the local pub, so you will probably want to make sure you do at least start the event with a few substantial solids, to ensure you don't fall by the wayside halfway through this well earned party event.

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